We’re the petition committee sponsoring the “Freedom from Aerial Spraying Bill of Rights”!

Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance is collecting signatures right now!


We’ll need over 14,000 valid signatures to qualify for the Lane County Ballot! Learn how you can plug in, help out, and stop the ultra hazardous practice of aerially spaying herbicides!!Trees_Green.png


IMPORTANTThis is not an online signature petition.
Our goal is to get enough signatures to place the initiative on the ballot and put it to a vote of the people of Lane County.
We must have real signatures on an official ballot initiative form.



If you’re a registered voter in Lane County and would like to add your signature, here are a list of locations you can find a petition…

Cottage Grove:
The Bookmine (702 East Main Street)
Old Mill Farm Store (327 South River Road)
Rosebud Consignment Shop (814 East Main Street)

If you’d like to collect signatures, please contact us and we’ll get you started!




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