We’re the petition committee sponsoring the “Freedom from Aerial Herbicide Spraying Bill of Rights”!


If you’re a registered voter in Lane County and would like to add your signature, here are a list of locations you can find a petition…

Cottage Grove:
The Bookmine (702 East Main Street)
Old Mill Farm Store (327 South River Road)
Rosebud Consignment Shop (814 East Main Street)

Or Download it! Sign it! and Send it in!

If you’d like to collect signatures, please contact us and we’ll get you started!


For decades, Lane County residents have been subjected to the practice of aerial herbicide application that threatens their health, their property, and the environment.  Despite persistent efforts to stop this practice, the harm continues unabated. Now, using the Community Rights model, a coalition of organizations and individuals have come together to ban aerial spraying through the local initiative process. Our organization, the Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance, has drafted a charter amendment to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County, Oregon; the Lane County Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of Rights.

This campaign is about our future.  Do we want a future where we are powerless to protect our families and our environment from toxic chemical spraying, or are we willing to do the hard work necessary to protect our health, safety, and well-being? Now is the time to do just that, and we need your help!

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