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Having allies is important in a campaign - our list of supporters is growing. We are reaching out to businesses and organizations in Lane County for support of our efforts to ban aerial spraying of herbicides. Drift from toxic spraying continues to contaminate our local food sources, waterways and residents.

As we await the court's ruling on this matter, we are planning for a positive outcome and moving forward with the next steps of our campaign. This means more pressure on the newly elected Lane County Commissioners to refer the Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Bill of Rights and the Right to Local Self-Government legislation to the vote of the people.

In the mean time....


Recently, newly elected Representative Marty Wilde testified in front of the House Committee on Natural Resources in favor of a bill being introduced. You can learn more about the Bill Here. He testifies about living in the Triangle Lake area in Coast Range, and the affects that aerial spraying had on him and his friends. It's TIME TO END this harmful, unnecessary forest practice.

Watch his Testimony Here!


Want to help?

Our supporters and volunteers go to Community Rights Lane County's Community Rights Action gatherings. These meetings of the minds are the third Monday of each month @6pm in the First United Methodist Church in Eugene. New people are always welcome, for we have plenty of tasks on-hand that could use your expertise! Join us!

  • Bruce Gates
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-09-28 20:06:28 -0700
    Spraying toxic chemicals from planes should not be allowed.
  • Bruce Gates
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-13 08:13:20 -0800
    This issue is paramount to our freedoms.

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