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We are the sister group to Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance and is dedicated to protecting our Right to write and pass laws to protect our health, safety, and welfare from corporate interference.

Although we assert that our right of local, community self-government is a fundamental and inherent right of the people, corporations have established a structure of state and federal law and a history of legal precedents that block communities from exercising this right. An amendment to the Lane County charter is needed to secure the rights of local communities to write more protective, local laws that establish fundamental rights for individuals, their communities and nature. The Right of Local Community Self- Government will secure those rights by banning certain activities (aerial spray ban for instance), and to curtail rights claimed by corporations that would interfere with these newly established rights.





Why we do this work...




The original Aerial Spray Ban Charter Amendment included clauses that protected the Law (should it pass) from Preemption.
However Lane County Judge Carlson thought the issue of preemption was  separate, therefore making us run TWO initiatives, rather than one.
Right now, because of the Right to Farm and Forest Act, the practice of aerial spraying of herbicides is protected by our government. And we're told by the State of Oregon that we don't have the RIGHT to say NO to the practice of aerial spraying.  This Charter Amendment - The Right of Local Community Self-Government will protect our Aerial Spray Ban from preemption. The group moving forward the aerial spray ban is Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance.

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