Sign Both Initiatives

We're collecting signatures RIGHT NOW, to put the Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of Rights on the 2017 ballot in Lane County!!

The original Aerial Spray Ban Charter Amendment included clauses that protected the Law (should it pass) from Preemption.

However Lane County Judge Carlson thought the issue of preemption was separate, therefore making us run TWO initiatives, rather than one.

Right now, because of the Right to Farm and Forest Act, the practice of aerial spraying of herbicides is protected by our government. And we're told by the State of Oregon that we don't have the RIGHT to say NO to the practice of aerial spraying. 

Our Community, Our Rights (OCOR) -

RIGHT NOW OCOR is collecting signatures for The Right of Local Community Self-Government Charter Amendment  which will protect our Aerial Spray Ban from preemption.  

So we need BOTH initiatives to enact and protect our aerial spray ban!!

Registered to vote in Lane County?

If YES, Sign both petitions to put them on the ballot!

Feel free to stop and talk to one of our petition circulators at a neighborhood store or event and sign our petition with them.

Here is the official “Electronic Signature Sheet”. It’s super easy.  Just download the forms, print them out, sign them and mail them in. There is no on-line system – it is all pen and paper.

Important things you need to know:

  • Only sign them if you are currently a registered voter in Lane County
  • Only sign these petitions once
  • Only sign for yourself
  • Sign your name just as you are registered to vote


Full text for Aerial Spray Ban Charter Amendment.

Full text for Right of Local Community Self-Government Charter Amendment.


1) Download the Aerial Spray Ban Electronic Signature Sheet. - WE'VE GOT ENOUGH SIGNATURES!!!

2) Download the Right of Local Self-Government Electronic Signature Sheet.

2) Sign them! Please print your full name and address as registered, and date the form. 
                      If you don’t fill it out completely, we can’t use it.

3) Mail them back to our postal address -

  • Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance, P.O. Box 261, Cottage Grove, OR 97424.
  • You can also mail it to any of the Chief Petitioners listed on the e-Sheet. That’s it!