Sign Both Initiatives

The Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of Rights being put on the ballot in Lane County has been halted due to court decisions!!

The original Aerial Spray Ban Charter Amendment included clauses that protected the Law (should it pass) from Preemption.

However Lane County Judge Carlson thought the issue of preemption was separate, therefore making us run TWO initiatives, rather than one.

Right now, because of the Right to Farm and Forest Act, the practice of aerial spraying of herbicides is protected by our government. And we're told by the State of Oregon that we don't have the RIGHT to say NO to the practice of aerial spraying. 

Our Community, Our Rights (OCOR) -

The Right of Local Community Self-Government Charter Amendment which will protect our Aerial Spray Ban from preemption, is also in court awaiting a decision.

BOTH initiatives are needed to enact and protect our aerial spray ban!!

Stay tuned as we pressure Lane County Commissioners
to refer our legislation to the ballot, so the will of the people can be heard!